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In co-operation with:
Istituto Regionale Pugliese Finpuglia SpA
It is the regional financing agency of the Italian Region Apulia, with a multiannual experience in cross-border institutional and economic co-operation within the framework of Interreg II A Italy-Albania and Italy-Greece programmes and development opportunities within Interreg III; it covers a dynamic entrepreneurial environment with strong potentialities for SME internationalisation; it relies on a consolidated network of relations with local economic operators and institutions; it is located in a privileged crossroads area towards the Balkans and Central-Eastern Europe, along Corridor VIII.

Instituto de Fomento de la Region de Murcia - EIC ES217
It is the Spanish Regional Development Agency responsible for coordinating the regional economic development in Murcia Region through the promotion of technical and financial services to regional SMEs and business organisations, the building of soft infrastructures such as Technological and Business Innovation Centres, the attraction of foreign investments.

ITDH Hungarian and Trade Development Agency - EIC HU727
It is the Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency, specialised in investment promotion, trade development, business services and marketing and communication services, which manages 10 regional offices all over Hungary and has a database of 40000 Hungarian SMEs.

Groupement d'Interet Economique des Euro Info Centres de Wallonie (GIE EIC)
The Walloon Group of Euro Info Centers gathers the 4 Walloon EICs, namely the EIC Liège (SPI+), EIC Luxembourg belge (CCILB), EIC Hainaut (BEESH) and EIC Namur (BEP). The GIE manages actions dedicated to Walloon SMEs as a whole and its policy hinges around three main purposes: information to SMEs on European matters; promotion of transnational partnerships; business consulting.

Regional Chamber of Commerce One North East Romania
The Regional Chamber is a NGO, which acts as a representative of the 5 Territorial Chambers within the North East Region of Romania. It is located in Iasi and it represents the economical interests of the local SMEs.

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