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KWF Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungsfonds (Carinthian Economic Promotion Found)
It is the Managing Authority for the EU-Objective 2-Programme Carinthia; it manages the Future Fund (Carinthia public venture funds) and the Technology Fund for investments in R&D, innovation, technology and know-how transfer; it provides advice and consulting services for the improvement of SME innovation capability, internal and external corporate development and promotion of high-tech projects and clusters; it supports the micro-electronic cluster in Carinthia.

Kavala Chamber of Commerce and Industry - EIC GR157
Together with the Chambers of Commerce of Drama and Xanthi, it covers the whole East Macedonia - Thrace region, the most Eastern EU border region, neighbouring Bulgaria and relatively close to Romania; it provides information, assistance and consulting services to regional SMEs to promote their internationalisation; it carried out Interreg and Adapt projects aimed at promoting cross-border networking with Bulgarian partners and at strengthening entrepreneurial capacities in the priority economic sectors of the Region (marble, textile, food industry); it organises the annual Exhibition of Local Products.

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